The ASSH Studies series was developed as a way to showcase Australian sports historical research before there were the considerable opportunities to publish that exist today. The initial volumes drew together research papers on various themes, dissertation projects, thematic works and monographs.Former Editors of the ASSH Series include Wray Vamplew, Rob Hess, Ian Warren and Daryl Adair.

ASSH Studies are no longer published. Library locations may be found through National Library of Australia’s Trove service.

No. 1 Wray Vamplew (1986) Sport and Colonialism in Nineteenth Century Australasia.
No. 2 Wray Vamplew (1987) Sport: Nationalism and Internationalism.
No. 3 Colin Tatz (1987) Aborigines in Sport.
No. 4 Wray Vamplew (ed) Games, Rules and the Law.
No. 5 Mark Connellan (1988) The Ideology of Athleticism, Its Antipodean Impact, and Its Manifestations in Two Elite Catholic Schools.
No. 6 Leonie M. Randall (1988) A Fair Go? Women in Sport in South Australia 1945-1965.
No. 7 John O’Hara (ed)(1992) Crowd Violence at Australian Sport.
No. 8 David Montefiore, Cricket in the Doldrums: The Struggle Between Private and Public Control of Australian Cricket in the 1880s.
No. 9 Veronica Raszeja (1992) A Decent and Proper Exertion: The Rise of Women’s Competitive Swimming in Sydney to 1912.
No. 10 John O’Hara (ed) (1994) Ethnicity and soccer in Australia.
No. 11 John Nauright (ed)(1995) Sport, Power and Society in New Zealand: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.
No. 12 Chris Hallinan & John Hughson (eds)(2001) Sporting Tales: Ethnographic Fieldwork Experiences.
No. 13 Ian Warren (2003) Football, Crowds and Cultures. Comparing English and Australian Law and Enforcement Trends.
No. 14 Ian Warren (ed) (2004) Buoyant Nationalism: Australian Identity, Sport and the World Stage, 1982-1983.
No.15 Matthew Nicholson (ed)(2005) Fanfare: Spectator Culture and Australian Rules Football.
No.16 Ian Warren (ed)(2005) Sport, Gender and Theory: The Formative Years of Tennis and Snowboarding.
No.17 Daryl Adair, Bruce Coe & Nick Guoth (eds)(2005) Beyond the Torch: Olympics and Australian Culture.
No.18 Tim Hogan (ed) (2005) Reading the Game: An Annotated Guide to the Literature and Films of Australian Rules Football.
No.19 Bill Murray & Roy Hay (eds) (2006) The World Game Downunder.
No.20 Rob Hess (ed) (2006) Making Histories, Making Memories: The Construction of Australian Sporting Identities.
No.21 Clare S. Simpson (ed) (2006) Scorchers, Ramblers and Rovers: Australasian Cycling Histories..
No.22 Mary Bushby & Thomas V. Hickie (eds) (2007) Rugby History:The Remaking of the Class Game.
No.23 Chris McConville (ed) (2008) A Global Racecourse: Work, Culture and Horse Sports.
No 24 Thomas V. Hickie, Anthony T. Hughes, Deborah Healey & Jocelynne A. Scutt (eds) (2008) Essays in Sport and the Law.
No.25 Andrew Moore & Andy Carr (eds) (2008) Centenary Reflections: 100 Years of Rugby League in Australia.