Day 1 – 10 July 2023 at Eastlake Football Club, Griffith ACT

10.00–11.00 Registration and Morning Tea

11.00–12.30 Official Opening
Keynote Address: ‘Wildfire around the ground’: George Reid, Lord Harris and the ‘Sydney riot’ of 1879 (Dr David Headon, Historian, author, presenter, academic)

12.30–13.30 Lunch

13.30–15.00 Cricket Papers

  • The Wanderers: An Establishment Cricket Club 1880–96 (Dr Bernard Whimpress, Independent scholar)
  • John Drake (Jack) Scott: A significant figure in Australian cricket at Grade, State and Test level from 1908–47 (Peter Crossing, Independent scholar)
  • Joe Honeysett – Australia’s greatest community all-rounder (Paul Hunt, Deakin University Alumni)

15.30–17.00 Football Papers

  • Clogball – the forgotten story of Dutch migrants and soccer in Australia
    (Adam Muyt, Independent scholar)
  • The silences on jerseys: where are the women in Brazilian soccer history?
    (Kelen Katia Prates Silva, Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados, Brazil & Western Sydney University)
  • The commercial benefits of seeded versus random draw knockout tournaments: Evidence from the Scottish Cup, 1888–2000 (Dr Lionel Frost & Vinod Mishra, Monash University, Luc Borrowman, Productivity Commission, Dr Abdel K. Halabi, Federation University Australia)

17.00–19.00 President’s Reception

Day Two – Tuesday 11 July at National Library of Australia, Parkes ACT

9.30–11.00 Opening
Keynote Address: Adrenaline and the Archive – how Trove has revealed the hidden triumphs of Australian sport (Dr Nick Richardson, Author, journalist, academic)

11.00–11.30 Morning Tea

11.30–12.30 National Library of Australia Papers

  • Trove and sport history research
    (Trena Ronnfeldt, National Library of Australia)
  • Grit & Gold: Tales from a Sporting Nation
    (Dr Guy Hansen, National Library of Australia)

12.30–13.30 Lunch and visit to ‘Grit & Gold: Tales from a Sporting Nation’ Exhibition

13.30–15.00 Issues in Sport

  • Reading the Silences in the History of Concussion in Australian Sport
    (Dr Murray Phillips, University of Queensland)
  • Weight inclusive approaches to encouraging physical activity: is it time for a change?
    (Dr Marissa Samuelson. Ruth Crawford, Dr Chels Litchfield, Professor Rylee A. Dionigi, Dr Oli Sophie Meredith, Dr Jaquelyn Osborne, Dr Kelsey Richards, Charles Sturt University)
  • A sense of community in sport and physical activity for individuals of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in rural Australia: Experiences of belonging and exclusion
    (Oli Sophie Meredith, Dr Chels Litchfield, Dr Rylee A. Dionigi, Dr Marissa Samuelson, Dr Jaquelyn Osborne, Ruth Crawford, Dr Kelsey Richards, Charles Sturt University)

15.00–15.30 Afternoon Tea

15.30–17.00 Rugby League Papers

  • Sport and Australian politics: Sporting interests and contributions of Australian Prime Ministers 1901–2023 (Greg Blood, Independent scholar)
  • Yarrabah Yarning: Aboriginal Histories of Rugby League (Dr Gary Osmond, University of Queensland)
  • The History of Rugby League in Cinema (Lonnie Gilroy, Central Queensland University / Tom Brock Scholar)

18.00 – 19.00 ‘Done Good, Played Hard Panel ‘with – Sia Soliola Katrina Fanning AO PSM, Tim Gavel – Tom Brock Lecture

Panel Discussion now available online.

Day Three – Wednesday 12 July at Eastlake Football Club, Griffith ACT

9.00–10.30 Opening

Max and Reet Howell Keynote Address: Finding Sport in Unlikely Places: A Critical Revisit (Dr Marion Stell, Author, historian, academic, curator)

10.30–11.00 Morning Tea

11.00–13.00 Women in Sport Papers

  • (In)Visible Athletic Achievements: Australian women’s amateur athletics and the case of Clarice Kennedy’s failed bid for the 1936 Olympic Games (Jane Hunt, Bond University)
  • Gymnastics investigations and reviews: Is change like the turtle or the hare?
    (Dr Jaquelyn Osborne & Assoc Prof Chelsea Litchfield, Charles Sturt University, Dr Emma Kavanagh, Bournemouth University, UK)
  • Australia’s early leaders of women’s hockey – their education, careers, and contributions to hockey (Dr Janet Beverley, Independent scholar)
  • ‘It’s not netball!’: The experiences of female officials in traditionally male-dominated sports in Australia
    (Assoc Prof Chelsea Litchfield, Dr Kelsey Richards, Gabriella Hotham, Dr Jaquelyn Osborne, Charles Sturt University)

13.00–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.30 Netball Papers

  • “Feminine and fun”: investigating representations of the ideal netballer in early 00’s netball marketing and fan engagement in Australia
    (Dr Kasey Symons, Swinburne Institute of Technology)
  • ‘Rioting, Arrests, Injury … and Damage to the Stadium’: Revisiting the Circumstances of the Anti-Apartheid Demonstrations Associated with the Victoria Versus South Africa Netball Match on 3 June 1970
    (Dr Rob Hess, Victoria University, Dr Kasey Symons, Swinburne University, Bess Schnioffsky, PhD Student, RMIT University, Kirby Fenwick, Independent Scholar)
  • “A Good Healthy Game”: the colonial history of Australian netball in Papua New Guinea
    (Bess Schnioffsky, PhD Student, RMIT University)

15.30–16.00 Afternoon Tea


Stream 1 – Roundtable Discussion – Heritage, History and Her Story: Exploring Old and New Forms of Public Engagement and Story-Telling in Women’s Sport

Stream 2: General Sports Papers

  • The risky business of ocean marathon swimming: the experience of Des Renford
    (Adj Prof Richard Cashman, University of Technology Sydney)
  • Exploring the lived experiences of Australian sports fans and their interactions with the Supercars Championship
    (Jordan D Treloar, Chelsea Litchfield, Jaquelyn Osborne, Charles Sturt University)

17.00 – 18.30 ASSH Annual General Meeeting

19.00 – 22.30 Conference Dinner – Guest Speaker – Robert Messenger ; ASSH Service Awards – Bruce Coe and Greg Blood

Day Four – Thursday 13 July at Eastlake Football Club, Griffith ACT

9.00–10.40 Opening and General Sports Papers

  • ‘Too grandiose, too complicated and too over-organised’: New Zealand anti-Olympism and the embrace of the British Empire Games during the inter-war years
    (Dr Greg Ryan, Lincoln University)
  • ‘Take the opportunity to participate in the world’s fastest and most popular ball game’: Establishing basketball in Sydney, 1939–59 (Dr Matthew Bailey, Macquarie University)
  • Cartoons of Spectator Passion & Culture: The (Melbourne) Herald’s Unique Pre-War Focus on Australian Rules Football (Andrew Eyers, PhD Student, Victoria University)

10.40–11.00 Morning Tea

11.00–13.00 General Sports Papers

  • A personal (naïve/sentimental) look at rugby from a player’s perspective, before rugby became professional (Dr Chis Yardley, Independent scholar)
  • Early Ball & Stick Games Resembling Golf (Dr Michael Sheret, Independent scholar)
  • The Applicable Rules Governing ‘Amateur Tennis’ between 1910 and 1940
    (Dr Richard Naughton, Independent scholar)
  • South Australian Swimming Memorails (Michael Harry, Independent scholar)

13.00–14.00 Lunch
14.00–15.00 Wrap up of Sporting Traditions XXIV